The Metamorphosis Series 2018-2019


As I constructed the Metamorphosis series I wanted to emphasise transformation, growth and new life. I chose this theme in particular because my creative expression resonates with my interest in spirituality and constant growth.  I have created this work as a way to showcase the subjects that I love, and express my emotions while incorporating a touch of fantasy, mystery and images that inspire me, into the paintings.

The source of inspiration for my work comes from my ability to escape into my imagination.

In each piece that I have created in the series, there is an infusion of animals, nature and symbolism coming together to bring forward something new and evolved.

When it comes to technique, I am constantly looking for new materials and ways to create something unique and bold.  Bones, pages from books, number tags and hand drawn sketches are incorporated into each of the paintings.

My goals is that my audience will lose themselves in my work and have an appreciation for what I have poured my heart and soul into.

This series really describes me as an artist as I am constantly changing  and growing and I try to illustrate that in each of my pieces of work.

Crow's Elixir

Crow’s Elixir,2019 *20×28*Acrylic,Mixed-meida

Madness of a Night owl

Madness of a Night owl,2018 *22×28*Acrylic,Mixed-media

Aries Freedom

Aries Freedom,2018 *24×24*Acrylic,Mixed-media

Black Widow Temptress

Black Widow temptress *24×36 *Acrylic,Mixed-media

Witchcraft Raven

Witchcraft Raven,2018 *24×36*Acrylic,Mixed-media

Frog's Transformation

Frog’s Transformation,2018 *16×20*Acrylic,Mixed-media

Possession of a Butterfly Queen

Possession of a Butterfly Queen *20×24*Acrylic,Mixed-media

Under the serpent's sun

Under the Serpent’s Sun,2019 *36×19 *Acrylic, Mixed-media

Secrets of a Snake Charmer

Secrets of a Snake Charmer,2018 *24×30*Acrylic,Mixed-media

Wisdom of a Hawk Gypsy

Wisdom of a Hawk Gypsy,2018 *24×30*Acrylic,Mixed-media


Mystical Peacock *22×28*Acrylic,Mixed-media

New Life,2018

New Life,2018 *76×35 *Acrylic, Mixed-media


Divinity of a White Swan,2018 24×30 Acrylic,Mixed media

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