Wisdom of a Hawk Gypsy

30” x 24” Acrylic Mixed Media 

Painting by: Christian Passenaud


The Wisdom of a Hawk Gypsy is a painting that showcases the wisdom of a Gypsy and the spirit of a hawk.  I infused the piece with vivid colours and felt a strong sense of joy and courage when creating this work.  It symbolizes my creativity and the boldness of my style.

Wisdom of a Hawk Gypsy
Wisdom of a Hawk Gypsy,2018 *24×30*Acrylic,Mixed-media


Wisdom of a Hawk Gypsy – Original

30″ × 24″ Acrylic, Mixed Media



Wisdom of a Hawk Gypsy Print

Limited Edition Print: 13.75″ x 11″


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